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In recent years, owing to increased criminal activities and terrorist attacks, there is a huge demand for skilled security personnel. This has led to the proliferation of several online criminal justice courses being offered by universities across the world. These courses are being offered to improve skills such as transgression deterring and mitigating and mate skillfulness.

One of the new online criminal justice courses being offered is an online degree in Homeland security. This degree has of late received increased endorsements, resulting in rapid evolution of its papers. If you are searching for skills in corporate and governance security, this is a great prospect for you. It includes several honors such as a bachelor’s and master’s degree in homeland security, diploma in homeland security and the homeland security associate degree.

With computer crime on the rise, many institutions have launched a bachelor’s degree in computer security, one of the most interesting online criminal justice courses to undertake. This imparts skills necessary to counter cyber crime. Other newly released online criminal justice courses that will surely excite many are degrees in public safety, crime investigation officer, criminal justice forensics degree and correctional officer courses.

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As to make career into criminal justice and grow yourself at to optimum level in law and criminology areas you should have all the best knowledge and interpretation about all the available major degrees in the field of criminal justice. All the major criminal justice degrees one can have online or at campus are provided at associate, bachelor and master’s level.  With online course you can learn alive along with other students whereas in an online environment you can learn under the degrees within stipulated time schedule and can study along with your fellow students and instructors. Below is provided brief for all the major courses and methods of learning.

Associate Degrees in Criminal Justice: Associate degrees in criminal justice comes to your aid when most of the law enforcement agencies in United States hopes that there employees should have at least a degree with them in criminal justice and such a situation associate degree in criminal justice arrives as a real rescue for the employees. And is a popular choice for enthusiasts who wish to begin their career as earliest as possible. Associate degree holders even can become police and sheriff patrol officers that can earn median salary up to $47,000. More an aspirant can jump on his career on designations like as a police officer, corrections officer, or private security guard.

The major benefit with criminal justice associate degree programs is that they are available at any corner of US. Associate degrees can be completed within two years. The courseware of criminal justice program includes introduction to Criminal Justice, Report Writing, Juvenile Justice and Security Management.

Bachelor’s Degrees in Criminal Justice: In comparison to associate degree, bachelor degree programs generally have an edge over them. With bachelor degree programs you earn credibility and surety for higher level jobs like warden, secret service agent, deputy sheriff and other supervisory positions and roles. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics the first-line police supervisors earn and reputation of median salary of $70,000 a year. On a normal criminal justice degree there is a scope for a social science foundation and it includes classes in sociology, psychology, law, political science, history and geography.  Law related subjects like policing; corrections, probation, and juvenile delinquency also happen to be core curriculum. Many law enforcement employers will pay for employees to take career-enhancing college courses.

Master’s Degrees in Criminal Justice: As in order to be enrolled at master’s degree program one should already have bachelor’s degree.   Master’s degree in criminal justice should be completed in two years. With a master’s degree you can have better career options like a police chief or FBI agent. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, professionals with master’s degree earn around $60,000 and $100,000.

Under the preview of law, criminal justice courses is referred as system and institutions of government that works with objective of regulating social control, providing deterrence to crime, prosecuting others who do not abide by the law and regulations of the country. A criminal justice system at any country, state or of a place is consisted of three important sections, first is the law enforcement (Police), second adjudication (courts) and third corrections (jails, probation and parole). Criminal justice system primarily is represented by two sets of people; the police and the district attorneys.

Hence, the criminal justice system that is a very imperative part of any civilized society thus offers a vast opportunity to young ones to pursue and career path for themselves in that area. And as for worry of career prospect with new forensic technologies making head away with broadens legal landscape can have a great career prospect for any student wishes to make career into this field. Career in criminal justice and law enforcement comes with an array of jobs for persons with educational and professional background in areas like criminology, criminal justice, political science, psychology, social work, engineering and other areas.

The online learning options for criminal justice courses are as similar and as productive like the traditional on campus learning options.  There a good number of learning options are available for a student who wishes to pursue career in criminal justice.

  • B.S. in Criminal Justice: The duration of this courseware can be varied from universities to universities; however, generally, it happens to 120 semester hour program involving balanced, liberal arts –based education that takes care of multidisciplinary nature of criminal justice. The sole objective of this courseware is to enable students to have employment in law enforcement and correction administration.
  • M.S. in Criminal Justice: This Master’s courses prepare students to play senior and managerial level roles in law enforcement and criminal justice agencies.    The courseware includes study of overall criminal justice discipline and its application on over various managerial and societal issues.   Criminal justice policy, research methods, data analysis principles, and criminological etc are taught to a student under this course.
  • Graduate Certificate Criminal Justice: This online certificate course is especially designed for professionals are eager to enhance their knowledge of human service as co-related to criminal justice system.
  • M.S. in Human Services Criminal Justice Specialization: This online criminal justice courseware is offered with objective to let you develop leadership skills and behavior to influence social change.  This courseware is also for professionals from law enforcement, probation, corrections, court services, and public safety.
  • PhD in Human Services Criminal Justice Specialization: This courseware is for professionals already having Master’s degree in human services that wish to do advance study and research in the field of criminal justice to address complex problems related to criminal behavior, prevention programming and public policy development.
  • B.S. and M.S. of Administration of Criminal Justice: These degrees in administration of Criminal justice are a broader professional course that helps to understand nature and dynamics of any criminal justice organization with a special emphasis over administration.

These are only a few of the online degrees and courses from a vast majority of courses and learning options as provided to students under the career of criminal justice.

Online Criminal Justice Courses

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Higher education in the field of Criminal Justice can help you make great leaps in your career. You do not have to attend actual classes in a campus for you to get this education. There are very many online options that you can take advantage of. Money should not be an issue as some of these colleges do offer free Criminal Justice courses in their virtual classes. This article will help you get to know more about some of the free open Courseware courses which you can pursue at your convenience.

Weber University offers a free Introduction to Security Course to those people who would want to try their hand in Criminal and Security issues. This semester long course is normally taught at the undergraduate level. Students learn about the components of the security function and the principles of the same from detailed lecture notes and occasional assignments.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers two free courses in its Criminal Justice Program. These are Law and Society and Human Rights in Theory and Practice. The topics that you will learn in this class include Liberty, Practices of a just System and equality.

The Online Criminal Justice classes from this site offer an International Law course. Some of the topics covered in this course include:
•    Sources of International Law
•    United Nations
•    State Responsibility
•    Modern International Law
•    Dispute Settlement and
•    The European Union Experiment

This UK based Open University offers free Criminal Justice courses that are text based. These courses are for people who want to take the lessons at the introductory, intermediate and advanced levels. Depending on the course which you are taking, it will take you between 10 to 40 hours before you complete it. The free online Criminal Justice courses offered by this virtual campus include:
•    Making and Using Laws
•    Privacy Rights and the Law
•    Human Rights and Law

Forensic biology is an interesting part of the Criminal Justice world. Kaplan University offers a free open Courseware course called Forensic Biology and Impression Evidence for those students who wish to know more about forensics. The learning material includes 10 units which are self guided.

If you want to advance your career in criminal Justice, make sure you have a look at these free open Courseware courses which are offered by some of the top online colleges.

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